• My Ohio Adventure

    09.14.15 | Posted in blogs | 0 Comment

    My trip to Ohio started as any other normal trip would—with an adrenaline-packed, tension-filled, and confusion-immersed visit to the airport. Despite some initial miscommunication at the airport and a lot of 6:20pm-running to our 6:35pm-flight, Joshua, Claudia, and I boarded the Sky train, rushed to Gate 60 (which just so happened to be the very…

  • Stepping into India

    12.27.14 | Posted in blogs | 0 Comment

    After a stressful and coffee-packed week of beloved midterm exams at school, I have spent the last nine days in the fascinating and historic country of Spain. Hopping from one gorgeous cathedral to the next in Madrid, Córdoba, Seville, and Barcelona, my trip to Spain has been a relaxing and enlightening family vacation.  Luckily for…



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