• WE Day ‘16

    07.20.16 | Posted in blogs | 0 Comment

    By: Mary Logan WE Day was an inspiring event that I was chosen to attend in Chicago Illinois. The main topic was motivation and community service. This all began when I founded the Story Time Club at my school. The members of Story Time and I read to the less fortunate children of Coconut Grove…

  • Global Leadership Adventures - Peru Trip

    06.24.16 | Posted in blogs | 0 Comment

    Airports terrify me. I mean, why shouldn’t they? with there cold-white, blank, brutally cold avenues of check ins and all the big and tough TSA security chiefs minus the agents, their a pretty solid group. but I’m taking remotely about the very large group that intimidate with just a simple glance. yeah, those; scary, I…

  • My first event with the Joshua’s Heart Foundation

    02.03.16 | Posted in blogs | 0 Comment

    By Eklavya When I was first invited to join Joshua’s Heart Foundation I was extremely pleased because I had been looking for a foundation such as this one to help people in need, and bring joy to the community around me. My first event with the Foundation is one I will never forget. As the…

  • My Experience in New York and the HALO Awards

    11.29.15 | Posted in blogs | 0 Comment

    Josh Abrams 11/22/2015 JHF My name is Josh. I have been part of Joshua’s Heart Foundation for five years. On November 15, 2015, I returned from a trip to N.Y.C. with Joshua. I went there along with Ceci, Ceci’s mom, and Thalia in order to honor and support Joshua in a major milestone; receiving a…

  • Martin's Junior Advisory Board Experience

    11.27.15 | Posted in blogs | 0 Comment

    I’m Martin and I am part of the Junior Advisory Board in Joshua’s Heart Foundation. I am a sophomore at Ransom Everglades School, I joined JHF when I was in 8th grade and since then I have had many incredible experiences. The Junior Advisory Board (JAB) has become a place where I can meet up…

  • Joshua Made a Difference at St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School!

    11.25.15 | Posted in blogs | 0 Comment

    Fourth grade students at St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School began their year by reading a short story in their reading books about children being entrepreneurs and starting businesses. This began a discussion about how “kids in business” can and do make a difference in their communities and how they can reach out and help those…

  • Jones Middle School Blog for Joshua!

    10.06.15 | Posted in blogs | 0 Comment

    [caption id="attachment_3937" align="alignright" width="300"] Principal Fine, Joshua and a JMS selfie![/caption] “Alone we can do so much, but together we can move mountains.”  This powerful statement and message of service was delivered from 13-year old Joshua Williams to over 700 middle school students at Jones Middle School in September.  In education we oftentimes stress to our students…

  • National Youth Summit regarding the War on Poverty

    05.26.15 | Posted in blogs | 0 Comment

    Written by Chaz – 6th Grader & JHF Junior Advisory Board Member. I was fortunate to attend a National Youth Summit regarding the War on Poverty hosted nationally by the National Museum of American History - Smithsonian Institution & regionally by History Miami on April 28th 2015 in Miami, Florida. The speakers were: Dr. Shed Boren, CEO…

  • Generation On Block Party

    04.27.15 | Posted in blogs | 0 Comment

    On Saturday, April 18, 2015, Points of Light and generationOn hosted a one-of-a-kind Block Party at the Fox Studio lot in Hollywood to recognize Hasbro Community Action Heroes who are making a difference in their local communities, and WME (William Morris Endeavor) for their extraordinary commitment to youth and arts education in communities around the…

  • Welcome to My New Blog!

    03.10.15 | Posted in blogs | 0 Comment

    Welcome, fellow Internet users of the world! My name is Amanda, I am 15 years old, and this is my new Broadway blog, a place where I will regularly share with the world my appreciation of the Arts! Every month I will dedicate an entire post to a Broadway show that has stolen my heart…

  • My New Blog About Community Service

    02.05.15 | Posted in blogs | 0 Comment

    Hi! My name is April, I am fourteen years old soon to be fifteen, and this is going to be my blog about community service.  Every month I am going to post once or twice talking about my community service experience. This post is long delayed, but finally going to be posted so here it…



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