Charity Spotlight: Joshua’s Foundation

Joshua Williams, Founder of Joshua’s Heart Foundation
At the tender age of five, Joshua became passionate about assisting the needy after viewing “Feed the Children.” He was in disbelief at the suffering that children everywhere were subject to. His first solution to the problem was that his mother should adopt some of these unfortunate children along with sending money to help others. His mother felt touched by his compassion and promised that they would help in whatever ways they could. Weeks after his interest in helping the needy had been sparked, his grandmother gifted him some pocket money. Joshua’s true desire to help shined when he chose to give the money to a hungry, homeless person on a local street. Though his mother advised him that she would prefer to give the person food since he was able-bodied, Joshua insisted that it was his money and, therefore, his decision to give the man the money instead. Following this experience, Joshua’s idea to aid the needy started to blossom.The title “Joshua’s Heart” clearly defines Joshua’s desire to “Help Stomp out World Hunger.” Joshua’s organization distributes food once a month and feeds the homeless weekly. They also deliver food to the sick, elderly and helpless. Currently, food is provided for over 100 homeless people and about 450 families on a monthly basis.

About Joshua’s Heart Foundation:
Joshua’s Heart Foundation, was founded by a five year old boy by the name of Joshua. His heart conceived a passion for assisting those who struggle daily to procure food for basic survival. The main focus of his vision is to “Stomp out Hunger” in indigent and underprivileged communities, as well as from among those who battle debilitating diseases that affect their ability to earn enough to feed themselves.
The primary objective of this foundation is to “Stomp out Hunger”. Joshua’s Heart Foundation, a 501(c) 3 non-for-profit organization, empowers, needy people to improve their quality of life. We do so by providing items if basic necessity, such as food and other grocery products, and by effectively engaging and educating communities at home and abroad about committing to fight hunger and poverty on a global basis.
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