Grocery Distribution at Christ Episcopal Church

Last Saturday, Joshua’s Heart Foundation held a grocery distribution at Christ Episcopal Church in Coconut Grove. Before beginning the distribution, the Junior Advisory Board, with the help of several volunteers, unloaded a u-haul truck and arranged items on separately categorized tables. Following thirty minutes of unpacking and laying out a wide variety of products, JAB members welcomed well over 300 families.

Although some volunteers helped register families and worked at the different stations, I decided to take an interactive approach by escorting families and assisting them in their acquisition of food. I was fortunate enough to be of service to 3 separate families. Prior to gathering groceries with them, I introduced myself as we were waiting in line. Aside from granting a sense of comfort to the families attending the grocery distribution, the brief introduction spoke for more than just a few words. Instead, volunteers and JAB members were given the opportunity to stand in someone else’s shoes. This, in turn, gave meaning and passion to our assistance.

After getting to know one another, we entered the main room where the distribution was being held. Among the many categories of food presented were milk, vegetables, cereal, pasta, green beans, tuna, bread, bagels, sausages, soup, and rice. Besides staple products, we offered toiletries, candy, and an array of infantile books.

I can attest to the great amount of joy one receives after aiding others in such a simple way. Helping out families in an interactive fashion undoubtedly adds greater satisfaction to the act of kindness. Getting to know the families and becoming conscious of how much a single bag of groceries could have an impact on their daily life brings about a personal and unforgettable aspect to the event.

Author: Maria

My name is Maria Olloqui and I am a junior at Ransom Everglades. After meeting Josh in sixth grade, I began to look up to him and his exemplary abilities to put others before himself. I feel fortunate to be associated with Joshua’s Heart Foundation, due to my enjoyment and satisfaction in helping others and my preference for teamwork. Together we can accomplish so much more.

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