Junior Advisory Board Members

These youth serve as a “board of directors” for the organization, gaining leadership experience. According to the National Alliance for Secondary Education and Transition, a quality youth leadership program has three components:

  1. Youth acquire the skills, behaviors, and attitudes that enable them to learn and grow in self-knowledge, social interaction, and physical and emotional health.
  2. Youth understand the relationship between their individual strengths and desires and their future goals, and have the skills to act on that understanding.
  3. Youth have the knowledge and skills needed to practice leadership and participate in community life.

Serving on the Junior Advisory Board fulfills all three of these requirements. By designing their own projects, youth acquire organizational skills and gain self-confidence from their success. They gain experience in numerous areas, including fundraising and public speaking. They also get the satisfaction of helping others. The leadership experience and confidence that they gained will help them in all aspects of their lives.



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