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Joshua Williams discovered his passion for philanthropy at the age of five after seeing a “Feed the Children” TV ad. Jarred by the kids’ suffering, Williams has since dedicated his life to helping children in need in his South Florida neighborhood.

How It Started: Williams, who is now 9, wanted to start a company committed to helping the poor, so he asked his mom and aunts for help. After unwavering persistence and outright nagging, Williams and his mother began giving away food and other necessities.

Joshua’s Heart: Williams started “Joshua’s Heart,” a Miami-based organization, with the motto of “Help Stomp out World Hunger.”

For The Poor: In addition to feeding the homeless on a weekly basis, “Joshua’s Heart” also delivers food to the sick and elderly. Currently, food is provided to more than 100 homeless people and about 450 families on a monthly basis.

Fight Poverty: Aside from feeding the poor, “Joshua’s Heart” participates in educating communities on how to combat hunger and poverty in the U.S. and abroad.

The Back Pack Program: “Joshua’s Heart” has developed “The Back Pack Program,” designed to meet the needs of hungry children throughout the weekends and vacation when free or reduced school lunches are unavailable.

It Brings Joy: In Williams’ spare time, he often finds joy in playing with the children of the families in need.

War Dance Inspired: The documentary War/Dance has also served as a source of inspiration for the Williams. The documentary focuses on children in Northern Uganda.

Visiting Africa: The plight of the children in War/Dance sparked Williams’ desire to one day visit Africa.

God’s Purpose: Williams attributes his work to a vision he says he received from God. He also believes that each individual has a purpose in life.


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