DeAndre is 15 years old and attends Archbishop Edward McCarthy Catholic High School. His favorite pastime is to sketch cartoon characters and mix two drawings into one. In 2012 he joined Joshua’s Heart Foundation (JHF) in an effort to help others. As a volunteer elf, He began seeing his own life in new ways. Sometimes it’s easy to worry about stuff like grades or get annoyed because you don’t have the most expensive sneakers or the newest computer game. Volunteering with JHF allows DeAndre to spend time with others in need and realized that some of the things that we are so concerned about were small compared to a child or person who is hungry or in need. Recently, DeAndre has been sharing more and more with his friends the awesome things that JHF do to help others. He enjoys volunteering, and experience has exposed him to people and situations that he wouldn’t normally see in his own life. As a volunteer, his eyes are now truly opened. DeAndre is thankful for the different opportunities that JHF has given him and allowed him to work along with them to help make a difference in the world. His personal mission is to continue helping those who are in need.



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