Hi my name is Anielya and i'm a student at Dillard High School Center For The Arts.. I am in the Musical Theater Magnet Program, I also have vocal classes and I love to help people. Since I was younger I've always said I wanted to be an opera singer. I absolutely enjoy singing and acting..I met Joshua when I was in fourth grade at my school's Career Day, where Joshua spoke to us kids. I was so impressed by him, and thought that what he was doing for his community was amazing and very interesting.
I was surprised at how young he was when he committed himself to Stomping out Hunger. I wanted to be a part of his movement. So I started volunteering with Joshua's Heart Foundation at their Global Youth Service Day events, at Miramar Elementary School.
Being part of a great cause like Joshua's Heart is exciting and fulfilling, being a member of JAB allows me to learn more about helping my community, and gives me the good fortune to meet and communicate with new people. I am friendly and outgoing, but sometimes I'm shy.. It took me a while to get comfortable with the others kids but I've learned that they are similar to me and very kind.This has been a wonderful opportunity for me to also share my talents with Joshua's Heart, and maybe one day to open new doors of fundraising ideas. I;m happy being apart of something big.



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