Christina Kovacs is a Co-Chair of the Junior Advisory Board she has volunteered with Joshua’s Heart Foundation since 2010. During this time Christina has also managed fundraising events and delivered food from a local farmers market to organizations in need within Broward and Miami-Dade. Christina holds a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy and a minor in Business Administration from Florida International University where she graduated with honors. Currently Christina is a Realtor for Paz Global, Inc., she has a passion for investing in and renovating properties. In addition, she is a partner of Miami Wired (, a home theater installation company in Miami and also a franchise owner of the Ravelco Anti Theft Device ( in South Florida. Christina has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and has enjoyed helping Joshua’s Heart Foundation grow. She is passionate about inspiring young people to help others that are less fortunate. Through Joshua’s Heart Foundation she strives to help make tomorrow a better place for everyone in this world, as she believes that we all have a social responsibility to do so. As Gandhi said, “We must be the change we wish to see”.



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