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Joshua's Heart Food Distribution events are different for several reasons.
1. Well organized. Registration required. Donation items are organized and easy to access. Selection is allowed. This is important because sometimes children have food allergies to certain food items.
2. People are given tickets so they know they are guaranteed food when they arrive to event (on time).
3. People are treated with dignity and respect.
4. Volunteers are ready to help the elderly and single moms and disabled folks who cannot lift heavy items.
5. It is a reliable and useful resource to case managers who utilize the events to provide linkage to families in need.
6. It is well respected in the community because it really does provide enough food to feed a family of four for one week. In comparison to other places that hand out three cans of cranberry, a bottle of juice ten cans of peaches and one box of cereal. The families are thankful but one can't do much with that.  Feedback from the parents and children and elderly we have referred to the events includes all of the above. Items they reported receiving at Joshua's Heart Events included Breads, Milk, Cereals, Macaroni and Cheese, Rice, Beans, Juice, Fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, canned meats, pastas and even potato chips.  Just as popular are the personal items provided which have helped families in the form of hygiene products, paper goods, and cleaning supplies.

As a case manager I have seen first hand the empty cupboards and empty refrigerators of the families in our community.  I have also witnessed how Joshua's Heart food donations have filled those empty spaces.  Families are grateful and look forward to the next event. Because we service the Miami Dade County area we refer families from all the way up North Miami down to Florida City.  As a case manager, I am grateful to be included in the events because It helps me do my job better.  As food stamp benefits continue to be reduced and/or denied and the cost of food increases, families are forced to choose between buying food and paying bills. Joshua's Heart Food Donations are making a difference in the lives of the families who are struggling to put food on their tables.

Alba G
Case manager

Institute for Child and Family Health, Inc.




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