Joshua's Heart Needs Help Repairing Our AC Unit!

Help! Our air conditioning unit in the building we rent for the Joshua’s Heart Food Pantry has quit working and, while we are grateful for the years of service we had, the reality is, we need a new AC unit and the cost is estimated to be around $8,000. We eventually want to own our own building, but in the meantime, replacing the AC unit appears to be our only option. 

We need air conditioning in the pantry building to help regulate the temperature of the nonperishable foods and other items, and to make the pantry’s internal temperature bearable for our volunteers. But we can’t do that without your help. 

If you were planning to donate to Joshua’s Heart Foundation this holiday season, might you consider contributing to this important cause right now? We would sure appreciate any help you can give. With your help, we can continue our mission to inspire and empower youth to tackle global issues and change the world through kindness, teamwork, and determination.

$8,000 Goal
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