Jordan Wong’s Aid For Antipolo

What is your project?

My project is Aid for Antipolo, a project to benefit Kanlungaan ng Kabataan Village (KKV), a shelter for abused and neglected children located in Antipolo, Philippines.

Why did you choose to do this project? What inspired you?

I wanted to do this project because I believe it greatly intersects with not only my identity but also Joshua’s Heart’s mission. I am Filipino, and this was a great opportunity to recognize and give back to the country where my family came from. On top of that, a big part of Joshua’s Heart is recognizing how anyone can make a difference, including kids – so, I believe, helping these children in the Philippines might enable them to make a difference in their own communities

Why do you care? Why is it important to help others?

I see helping others almost as a responsibility because I was born with a lot of opportunities in the world where others were not – all due to sheer luck. Helping others, in a way, makes the playing field a bit more even – and helps everyone to reach the full potential of their being

What is your current impact, new volunteers recruited, money raised for JHF, money raised for your project, items donated, etc?

I have raised approximately $5,000 for this project in 2017. As the shelter only gets minimal funding from the government of $1.20 per day, the money I’ve raised will allow for a supplemental feeding for 120 days.

As Joshua’s Heart chair, I’ve assisted in planning, developing and participating in activities to benefit South Florida’s underprivileged communities including distributing food and groceries.

I have also fundraised for items needed by JHF such as purchasing a van for food distributions.

I have represented JHF and promoted hunger and poverty awareness in local news and radio outlets, youth leadership conferences and volunteer events around the country.

I write online blogs about JHF events and experiences in hopes of inspiring others to serve in their communities.

Where or to whom have you donated items?

I have/am donating money to KKV, a shelter in the Philippines.

What do you need?

Help envisioning and planning fundraisers next year for my project

Any media, articles, photo link, website link, etc. About you and your project/ club/ chapter?

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