Anthony’s Blanket Project 

What is your project/chapter/club?

The Blanket Project

Why did you choose to do this project? What inspired you?

I chose to do this project because the homeless need blankets for colder days. They can use the blankets for cover and protection against the wind and cold so they can comfortably sleep on the streets. Seeing homeless in the park and streets made me want to take action and help them. The homeless and needy are very appreciative kind people. The Blanket Project gives them hope and makes them realize other people care about them.

Why do you care? / Why is it important to help others?

I care because as human beings we are supposed to help out each other as it is just the right thing to do. We begin our lives caring about our families, and then friends, and in doing so we are missing one group. Those we know nothing about and particularly those who are not as fortunate as we are. Each one of us can do something, even if it seems as if you are doing very little. If everyone does something good for others, then you can have a ripple effect that can cover a very large group of people, all of them feeling like someone cares and developing hope which gives strength to keep on moving through life. It is not just about the blanket; it is about the hope that comes from giving.

What is your current impact, volunteer hours, new volunteers recruited, money raised for JHF, money raised for your project, items donated etc.?

The Blanket Project has been in place for 4 years and during this time we have collected around 1,500 blankets and recruited hundreds of volunteers that support the project with monetary donations, blankets, and volunteer time to distribute blankets, pass out food and make cards for the homeless.

Where or to whom have you donated items?

Blankets are donated to homeless on the street and also at local homeless houses such as Miami Rescue Mission.

What do you need?

we need blankets, preferably light weight, fire resistant and water repellent fabric so they can be used during light rain. We also need boxes to store and then to distribute. Ribbons to wrap the blankets, card type paper, and colorful markers are used to make inspirational notes distributed with the blankets.

Awards received?

  • Joshua’s Heart Going The Extra Mile Award 2015
  • Joshua’s Heart Super Heroes of Service Award 2016
  • 2017 Congressional Award for Service

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