Ceci’s Project Suppli-Recycle

I first met Josh in my seventh grade drama class when we were asked to share a fun fact about ourselves. When it was his turn to share, he spoke about how he had created a foundation when he was four and a half years old. I was hooked from that momen,t as I have now been working with Joshua’s Heart Foundation for about five years.

Throughout my time with Joshua’s Heart Foundation, members of the Advisory Board and volunteers are encouraged to create their own projects and participate in others. This past year, Maria Olloqui, a fellow member of Joshua’s Heart, and I created a school supply recycling project for orphanages in need in different countries in Latin America.

My favorite project, however, was this past April when I set up a partnership between Joshua’s Heart and Serve and Leadership of Today and Tomorrow (SALTT), a club at my school that works with the migrant children of families who have escaped from Guatemala. For the past two summers, I have gone on a mission trip to work with the children, planning classes and other activities they had not had the opportunity to be involved with before. Since SALTT members and I had spent so much time with the children and their families, I approached Joshua’s Heart about having a special food distribution for SALTT families. With the support of both the club’s members and Joshua’s Heart volunteers, I organized a food and hygiene distribution. Through our efforts we collected more than 650 samples of shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, and other personal care products, as well as 5,500 pounds of food.

I chose to start this project and tie it to a club at my school because volunteering with Joshua’s Heart has taught me to serve the needs of others, no matter their situation. I truly hope to repeat this event and continue supporting the events of other members of Joshua’s Heart.

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