Connecticut Teen Honors Veterans And Supports Underserved Students

Weston High school senior Noel Villepigue is co-captain of the school’s mock trial team and loves to hang out with his friends, playing soccer or going to the beach. Noel is looking forward to attending Villanova University in the fall where he will major in political science and eventually study law. Noel’s interest in history and geography, his background as an Eagle Scout with Troop 788 and his grandfather’s stories of his time serving in Vietnam have shaped Noel into a young man whose passion is to serve his community: today, through volunteering and tomorrow, through becoming a lawyer and fighting for justice.

Noel says he has a “profound sense of honor and respect for our veterans.” A dedicated history enthusiast, Noel enjoys reading about history. Talking to the veterans brings history to life. His passion for geography has taught him how the land shaped people and how people shaped the land. Hearing the veterans talk about their experiences brings a fresh understanding of the past — the real past, not just what’s written in history books — to today’s youth.

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