Devin Thorpe LinkedIn Post Highlights Joshua’s Heart

Years ago, I had Joshuas Heart Foundation’s founder, Joshua Williams, on the show to talk about his remarkable organization. At the time, he was a young teenager and had already been at work feeding people who were hungry and food insecure for nearly a decade. When he launched the effort, he understood he was creating a movement to feed those who need help but likely didn’t fully appreciate the more radical impact he was having by empowering children and teenagers to lead.

Recently, we reconnected, and he introduced me to some of the young people who lead the effort today.

Amanda Avilés Aviles serves on the newly constituted National Advisory Board. Members of the board are Joshua’s Heart alumni volunteers scattered around the country. Some participated with Joshua as peers in the earliest days when their little hands and arms couldn’t carry much food but when their minds could immediately grasp the impact of providing food to someone who needed it.

Gavin Poore and Amogh Baranwal are both in high school. They are members of the Junior Advisor Board, which has the primary responsibility for leading the organization. They are two of the day-to-day leaders.

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