DJ Irie’s Golf Clinic and my Experience with Joshua’s Heart

My name is Jordan Wong and I am a Joshua’s Heart Junior Advisory Board Member and an incoming 10th grader at Ransom Everglades School. I joined Joshua’s Heart last year, and it has changed my life so much. When I first joined, I didn’t know what I was getting into – I did it mostly because Joshua was my friend, but I loved that I could give back to the community, while doing so with my friends from school. When I got to my first distribution, my whole entire view on my mission with Josh changed entirely. I wanted so badly to help all these people in need who have so much less than me. That is why I love going to and planning events with Josh – after I finish I feel a sense of moral and spiritual fulfillment that I don’t think I would find anywhere else at this point in my life. This point leads me into talking about the great event that I went to today, a golf clinic that was hosted by DJ Irie.

At this event, many less fortunate kids were brought to the Miami Beach Golf Course to learn how to play the different parts of golf such as putting, driving, and chipping. A high profile super star, Austin Mahone, also paid a visit to see DJ Irie and golf with the kids. When I got there with Josh, we hit some balls down the driving range and greeted DJ Irie and Austin. Later, after the clinic was over, all the kids went inside and listened to Austin Mahone, DJ Irie, and others speak. One of those speakers was Josh. He told the kids how to be passionate about their work, and that even a singular child can make a difference. Josh’s speech not only inspired the kids, but it also inspired me.

Josh is an amazing friend and visionary, and his mission makes me proud that I’m a part of Joshua’s Heart Foundation.

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