Emily’s Pieces 4 Hope

What is your project/chapter/club?

Pieces 4 Hope

Why did you choose to do this project? What inspired you?

I chose to do this project because in working with Joshua and all the other JAB members, I saw a great amount of dedication that really moved me. I also felt that it was my calling to raise money for this foundation to be able to help others that are in need.

Why do you care? / Why is it important to help others?

I feel it’s important to help others since there are many people facing hardships for different reasons. Anything that I do makes me feel one step closer to making a difference in our world.

What is your current impact, volunteer hours, new volunteers recruited, money raised for JHF, money raised for your project, items donated etc.?

The money is given to the foundation and they are using it to stop world hunger.

Right now, I don’t have any volunteers that I have recruited, but I hope to gather some in the future. I was able to buy my first batch of necklaces with a $500 grant called the Disney Summer of Service grant. With that being said so far, I have raised $390 for JHF.

Where or to whom have you donated items?

I donated a box with 50 pairs of flip flops to Joshua’s Heart, but my project consists of selling jewelry and then sending the proceeds to the foundation.

What do you need?

I collaborate with a handmade jewelry company called Taudrey and she supplies the necessary items needed.

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Social media pages links:

  • Website: Pieces 4 Hope
  • Instagram: pieces4.hope
  • Email: pieces4hope@gmail.com


Awards Received:

  • 2016-2017 Joshua’s Heart Certificate of Participation
  • 2017 Congressional Award for Service
  • The National Society of High School Scholars
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