For The Win: Stomp Out World Hunger: Obama White House Archives

From Obama White House Archives:

For the Win is a guest blog series featuring the remarkable initiatives that young Americans are advancing to win the future for their communities. Each week we highlight a new young person and learn about their inspiring work through their own words. Submit your story to appear in the For the Win guest blog series.

Joshua Williams is a middle school student at Ransom Everglades School in Coconut Grove, Florida. He is the Founder and CEO of Joshua’s Heart Foundation, which has distributed almost 500,000 pounds of food to those in need. Joshua was recognized as a 2013 Hasbro Community Action Hero Semi-Finalist, an award that recognizes outstanding young service leaders presented by Hasbro in partnership with generation, the global youth service enterprise of Points of Light.

Have you ever woken up late, rushed to school and only then realized that you forgot to eat breakfast? Your stomach growls all morning as you grow impatient for lunch period. Fortunately, many of us know that when lunch time comes there will be a full meal, but imagine if your growling belly was a constant – through breakfast, lunch, and dinner with no relief. Hunger is real.

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