JAB End of Year Ceremony, By Krystal Tome

On Sunday, May 3rd, 2020, due to Covid-19, Joshua’s Heart Foundation hosted their first-ever virtual End of Year Awards Ceremony.

This was the first time the ceremony celebrated both High School JAB member graduates and former JAB members graduating from college.

JAB members accomplished so much during the 2019/2020 year. Every JAB member contributed to the foundation in enormous ways.

The End of the Year Ceremony celebrates High School graduates and the “Going The Extra Mile Award” winners, acknowledging their passionate work to benefit the community. Keeping with tradition, JAB members and their families wore white during this celebration hosted by Johnny Archer and Amogh Baranwal.

Congratulations to our High School Graduates!

  • Carson Merlo
  • Carlota Sosa
  • Celina Azebeokhi
  • Chiara Kusmierek
  • Daniel Block
  • Julie Valencia
  • Megan Corrales
  • Nicole Hawley
  • Paulina Nieto

Congratulations to our College Graduates!

  • Arianna Bailey
  • Benjamin Obando
  • Navya Baranwal

One of the High School graduates, Carson Merlo, only joined the Junior Advisory Board this

past year. He felt an immediate connection to Joshua’s Heart as he stepped into the pantry in North Miami Beach.

During the ceremony, Carson further connected with Johnny Archer, the host. “I was able to speak to Johnny since I am going to be attending his alma mater in the fall. We were able to relate by being interested in the same major and I plan on staying in touch with him in the future.”

Joshua’s Heart Foundation creates opportunities for members to connect to the community and serve and even more importantly,  enables members to learn about each other and even network with professionals like in the case of Carson Merlo connecting with Johnny Archer.

Going the Extra Mile Award Recipients:

  • Jack Flittner
  • Katherine Weiss
  • Sydnie Costa-Martinez
  • Sean Kim
  • Ariana Unda
  • Corynn Moraca
  • Mary Logan Woolsey
  • Sade Walker
  • Isabella Carvallo
  • Analuisa Furiati

The Going the Extra Mile Award recipients have all accomplished great things within JAB by creating their own projects, recruiting members, and staying active within their communities.

Ariana Unda, the JAB Vice-Chair, was grateful for winning the award. She said “being a part of Joshua’s Heart Foundation has always been a blessing. Giving to others has taught me so much about gratitude and love. Getting the award has made me keep going and inspire others along the way to get more involved in service.”

In her role as Vice-Chair, she learned that teamwork is what keeps JAB and the foundation together. Regarding the ceremony, Ariana Unda appreciated the way that it still occurred during the pandemic. “We were all in this together and we really made it work. It was impressive. I also think that everyone has something special and something to share…all of the speeches were amazing and I’m just really happy it worked out.”

By the end of the ceremony, a video was shared congratulating Ms. Peggy for her hard work in the Joshua’s Heart Foundation Pantry and events, stating she is “both the seed and the fuel”. Ms. Peggy drives the volunteers to work as hard as she does in order to complete the mission of Joshua’s Heart to stomp out world hunger. Thank you to Ms. Peggy!

Though the ceremony was virtual and could not be held in person, everyone made the 2020 End of Year Awards Ceremony one to remember.

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