Joshua Made a Difference at St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School!

Fourth grade students at St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School began their year by reading a short story in their reading books about children being entrepreneurs and starting businesses. This began a discussion about how “kids in business” can and do make a difference in their communities and how they can reach out and help those in need. After a few tweets to Joshua and his mother, Joshua not only volunteered to come speak to the students, but he also brought, Jordan Wong, the Vice Chairperson of the Junior Advisory Board, who also happens to be a former St. Thomas student. Joshua shared his story about how he came up with the idea for Joshua’s Heart when he was just a young boy. He described how his organization is set up and how his events help provide food for the hungry.

Joshua’s heartfelt message about the need to care for others and take action really impacted the students because the message was coming from another student, rather than an adult, which made it very relatable.

There was something very empowering about hearing that a young child started with a big dream and is really making a difference in the world.

After listening to the boys speak and getting some useful fundraising tips, the students brainstormed ways they could raise money to donate to Stop Hunger and

Joshua’s Heart Foundation. In the end, every 4th Grader participated in a Chore-a-thon and raised an impressive $1178.85! They were all very motivated to make a difference!

A few weeks after hearing Joshua and Jordan speak, one of the 4th grade students, David Steremberg, and his mother, attended Joshua’s big “Make a Difference” event and helped pack meals. It was an experience he will never forget.

As the 4th graders learn more about becoming entrepreneurs and are creating their own business plans, they are now remembering to focus on their role in their community and how they really can make a difference, thanks to everything they heard from Joshua!

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