Joshua’s Heart Foundation Shares Hearts for Homeless

In celebration of Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, Foundation Celebrates a Day of Giving

February 11, 2017 (Miami, FL) – Smiles and red t-shirts honoring Joshua’s Heart Foundation flooded Miami Rescue Mission’s dining room in celebration of Black History Month and Valentine’s Day.  “We are so very grateful to have Joshua’s Heart Foundation with us this afternoon, sharing their Heart for the Homeless with over 400 of our homeless residents,” said Gussie Flynn, Director of Advanced Operations.

This is the third year celebrating the partnership between Joshua’s Heart Foundation and Miami Rescue Mission, both non-profit organizations with similar passions to bring hope and help to the hungry and homeless in South Florida.  Joshua, now a fifteen-year-old, had a vision at the age of four of a world where no one goes hungry. Through his strong desire to do his part in changing hungry lives, Joshua Williams formed the Foundation to empower others in improving their quality of life through providing others with food and water.

With so many of South Florida resident’s falling below the poverty line, hunger is a real issue. Many school-aged children receive their only meal while at school. Once the bell rings many go to bed hungry and over the weekend, food is at a minimum. In conjunction with community members, Miami Rescue Mission is helping in a similar way to Joshua’s Heart Foundation in providing children with “backpacks” filled with food for the weekend. This is a necessity to some families struggling to feed their children, pay rent and keep the electricity on due to low paying employment with minimal opportunity for advancement and increased wages.

Joshua’s Heart Foundation continues to engage and educate communities in taking steps towards fighting hunger and poverty, utilizing platforms like the Miami Rescue Mission, a residential center that provides services to 1,300 homeless individuals daily by providing food, shelter, substance abuse treatment, education, computer literacy, job placement, healthcare, spiritual development and housing on three campuses – Miami, Hollywood and Pompano. “Because of my love for the Miami Rescue Mission,” says Joshua Williams, Founder of Joshua’s Heart Foundation, “I am sending my Board’s Treasurer, Thalia Castro, to help me serve my mission while out of state this Valentine’s Day.”

Should you wish to show your Heart for the Homeless this Valentine’s Day, visit or dial the Miami Rescue Mission at 305.571-2200 and participate in Miami Rescue Mission’s Meal a Month Program, a sponsorship program designed to offset the cost of meals to those who without your help, would go hungry.

Since 1922 the Miami Rescue Mission | Broward Outreach Centers (a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization) continues to serve the homeless and needy men, women, and children of  South Florida.  Our organization provides food, shelter, clothing, education, job training, spiritual direction, health services, youth programs, housing, and long-term rehabilitation programs in Miami, Hollywood, and Pompano to nearly 1,300 homeless on a daily basis. This is all done with Christian compassion and encouragement.

Source: Facebook – Miami Rescue Mission

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