Joshua’s Heart Junior Advisory Board Member and Graduating Senior Mary Logan, demonstrates what it truly means to care for your fellow man

Mary-Logan Woolsey has served as a Junior Advisory Board Member (JAB) of Joshua’s Heart Foundation since she was in the sixth grade. The Ransom Everglades High School Senior has taken her philanthropic duty to heart over the years by championing and spearheading multiple food distributions for Joshua’s Heart through the support of the organization, various sponsors, and her family.

Many people see the pandemic as a catalyst that bore poverty and food insecurity in communities that are considered middle class. However, Mary-Logan understands and has seen first-hand, for years now, the long arm of poverty and how it devastates families and communities worldwide. Being a Junior Advisory Board Member of Joshua’s Heart Foundation has allowed young people to exercise kindness and generosity to the less fortunate for over sixteen years.

Each fall Woolsey leads a food distribution project in Miami-Dade County to give hope to families that experience food insecurity year-round. This year was no different. However, for the Ransom Everglades senior, this project has special meaning to her, as it would be one of her last distributions before graduating and moving on to the next phase of life, higher education.

Amid this pandemic, COVID-19 has created a food crisis unlike any other natural disaster in recent years. Without wavering or second thought, Mary-Logan, galvanized her supporters, including family, friends and the Joshua’s Heart volunteers to make this food distribution at the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church of Miami one of the best shows of love and support for a community of strangers ever.

The distribution was made possible through the partnership between Joshua’s Heart Foundation and Farm Share, with the support of the Woolsey Family, Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, The Office of Mayor Daniella Levine Cava, Miami-Dade County, State Representative Nick Duran, Commissioner Ken Russell, SEIU Local 1991 Jackson Nurses, Doctors and Healthcare Professionals, TUCCI, The City of Miami Police and Ransom Everglades Alumni Association REach Too, and Ransom Everglades School and HealthcaRE Club.

In two hours, the team distributed food and Personal Care Items to 340 families at a DRIVE-THROUGH Distribution that strictly followed all COVID-19 protocols. The church, located at 3515 Douglas Road in the heart of Coconut Groove, was transformed into a well-organized hub where families collected much needed food and other items with dignity, no matter their walk of life.

As Mary-Logan transitions to college life, she plans to continue to be of service to the less fortunate no matter what school she chooses. “I hope my service sets a good example to my fellow Joshua’s Heart volunteers and upcoming JAB members to continue serving the people of Miami-Dade County who suffer the most not only during the pandemic but afterwards as well,” said Mary-Logan. Hunger and food insecurity did not start with COVID and will continue when we emerge from this pandemic. Mary-Logan and Joshua’s Heart urges you to support their efforts to end hunger and poverty. You can begin right here at home; the need is great.

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