Krass Family Interview

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of interviewing Charlotte and Julia Krass, two Junior Advisory Board members for the Joshua’s Heart Foundation Miami chapter. Since they joined nine years ago, JHF has had a large influence on their lives, as the organization has given them the opportunity to positively impact those in their community.

Inspired by Joshua’s compelling story of social initiative, Charlotte and Julia were determined to transform the environment around them. From holding bake sale fundraisers to organizing their school’s annual food drive, they were always looking for ways to contribute to Joshua’s Heart Foundation. Recently, they started “I Heart Art,” a community service project dedicated to donating art supplies to those unable to afford them (click here to learn more). Through their promoting efforts, they have been able to garner school-wide support and raise funds to continue their philanthropy work. Fortunately, their work serving their community has not gone unnoticed. The two were previously recognized for their outstanding volunteer work over the past nine years by a Florida Congresswoman and recently received the Joshua’s Heart Foundation “Extra Mile Award.” However, despite the prestigious accolades, they are most proud of their contributions towards Joshua’s Heart Foundation’s goal of eradicating hunger and poverty.

As JAB members, Charlotte and Julia enjoy having the opportunity to engage with fellow high school students and discuss social issues affecting South Florida. They were particularly impressed by Joshua’s Heart Foundation’s ability to successfully adapt to COVID-19 and continue their food distribution efforts despite the numerous obstacles in the way. Going forward in 2021 and beyond, Charlotte and Julia plan on becoming more involved with the Joshua’s Heart Foundation by starting new projects and encouraging friends to join the organization.

Thank you both for your contributions to the community and I am looking forward to the amazing work you will do in the future!

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