Martin’s Junior Advisory Board Experience

By: Martin

I’m Martin and I am part of the Junior Advisory Board in Joshua’s Heart Foundation. I am a sophomore at Ransom Everglades School, I joined JHF when I was in 8th grade and since then I have had many incredible experiences. The Junior Advisory Board (JAB) has become a place where I can meet up with my friends to change the world. I have met many new people from all around South Florida with one goal in their minds: to stomp out hunger.

In the JAB meetings, we get to know each other so much more, learning to work together as a group and strengthening our bonds through many activities such as The Ropes Course at FIU and many icebreakers (which Josh seems to love making up)! We use these new bonds to create ideas and fundraisers that help us achieve our goal. In 2014, we had a great mini golf and raffle event led by JAB member Cecilia where we raised money and had a ton of fun.

In the JAB, we not only think of new activities to benefit JHF, we also get hands on experience changing the world. Every year, the JAB gives its members the opportunity to go to many distributions. In these distributions, we usually conduct meetings in the beginning and then help pack and distribute food to the people that need it. The most incredible and touching part of this is actually speaking and interacting with the people that need the food. This has changed my life and the way I look at the world.

In 2013, when I joined the Junior Advisory Board, there were less members than there are now (maybe 25 members). That year, new members could run for leadership positions even though they had never been a part of JHF. This has changed drastically, as there are so many new and experienced members, that you have to have at least one year of experience before running for a leadership position. This means more progress, as the leaders know exactly what goes on in the meetings and how to lead in distributions.

Also, in 2013, the Junior Advisory Board didn’t have as many interactive activities with its members. We focused more on helping families in need. As the years have gone by, this has changed drastically, as we have had Fun Days and many more interactive meetings while still staying focused on the mission.

The first meeting of this year, we had the most interactive and team building experience I have ever had in my time with the members, The Ropes Course. The Junior Advisory Board has evolved into a closely knit group that is actively changing the world.

JAB not only bonds us and helps us make a difference through JHF, it also inspires us to go through our own roads. Anthony, a member of the JAB, was so inspired by JHF that he started a blanket drive. I was lucky enough to volunteer at one of Anthony’s events with some other JAB members and with Josh, and it was incredible. We not only gave blankets to people in need, we also gave them food. The blanket project not only serves Anthony’s vision, it also fulfills Josh’s vision of feeding everyone.

Moments like these are why the JAB is so important, it helps people in need and inspires its members. The Junior Advisory Board is prospering and moving in the right direction. It has grown in membership and the bond is becoming stronger. Every meeting and distribution, we are changing the world.

In the future, I see JHF becoming a major part in feeding all Florida and the rest of the World. JHF is doing a very important job, we are feeding our community and making it stronger.
I think that the most important part of all of JHF is the fact that kids are doing this. We are the future, and we are moving in the right direction. Other charities and foundations do not really see kids as a helpful asset to fulfilling their mission.

In JHF we are the leaders, the innovators, and the people that will change the world. We are driven by our togetherness and our spirit which cannot be compared to. If you believe that kids cannot make a difference, then watch us as we stomp out hunger!

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