My first event with the Joshua’s Heart Foundation

By Eklavya

When I was first invited to join Joshua’s Heart Foundation I was extremely pleased because I had been looking for a foundation such as this one to help people in need, and bring joy to the community around me. My first event with the Foundation is one I will never forget. As the Christmas season was coming up, we brought cookies and hoodies/sweaters to the Boys and Girls Village. Many members of the foundation also made cookies at Asa Carey’s house the day before, to help bring joy to these kids.

 The experience was fantastic because before this, I had never gotten the opportunity to travel to the destination and help give the gifts out. We left the cookies and coats outside the home but it was a great experience because we all knew we were helping kids and brought them joy on Christmas. The whole foundation came together and made sure it would be a wonderful Christmas for these kids.

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