North Miami Beach Continues to Feed Thousands Coping with Pandemic Hunger

With the pandemic’s continued, devastating impact on Florida’s public health and the economy, a growing number of people are feeling the effects of unemployment and hunger.

Sobering statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau reveal that 11.3% of Floridians and 13.2% of Miami Metro Area residents say they don’t have enough to eat.

For the past 16 weeks, as part of its unwavering commitment to addressing pandemic food insecurity, the City of North Miami Beach (NMB) has come together with its community partners to carry out food distributions and deliveries, and will continue to be part of the solution while the need exists.

NFL Player and NMB native Johnathan Cyprien delivers food to an NMB resident during city food delivery. Photo courtesy: 3PMMedia

“Now more than ever, families are struggling and they need support. The City of North Miami Beach understands their needs and we are here to help,” said NMB Mayor Anthony F. DeFillipo.

“Some people can’t buy food because they don’t have any money, so we have been going door to door dropping off boxes of food and essentials to ensure they get what they need to last throughout the week and even further.”

Since North Miami Beach’s first citywide food delivery on April 3rd it has:

  • Carried out 20 food distributions or deliveries through generous partnerships with Adopt-A-Box, U-Haul, Feeding South Florida, and Joshua’s Heart Foundation
  • Delivered or distributed 20-pound boxes of fresh Florida produce, meat, and groceries to an estimated 6,000 local families
  • Supplied about 120,000 pounds of food to date, and estimates it will supply 140,000 pounds in total by the end of the city’s fiscal year (September 30th)

Food deliveries, supported by city volunteers, take place on Fridays to a pre-determined list of 300 families in need who live in North Miami Beach. NMB residents who would like to sign up to receive assistance may do so at


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