Chaz C.

Jr. Advisory Board Member
Brief info

Chaz is currently a Freshmen attending St. Thomas Aquinas High School. Being part of JHF since 2007, I know the importance of spreading awareness in the community about poverty and hunger not just in Miami but across the state and the world. Most people don’t take into consideration that some people unfortunately, do not have any source of food so hunger is a real concern across the nation. If a student is hungry they won’t be able to focus in school. Participating on the Junior Advisory Board at Joshua’s Heart Foundation has made me more aware of how fortunate I am to be able to access food any time I want. Since participating, I have been able to experience the joy of putting smiles on people’s faces.

I have had many achievements during the past several years such as, winning a silver Presidential Service Award for giving back to the community and playing sports such as wrestling, soccer and football. This has helped me not only as a student athlete but as an athlete outside of school to be a better person and a team player. Being adventurous and not afraid of adrenaline rushing events as well as, participating in charity endeavors has taken me all over the world from scuba diving in Cayman Islands to walking the remains of the coliseum in Rome and zip lining in jungle of Costa Rica. Traveling will always remain as one of my favorite things as it’s an eye opener to different people and cultures.