Thalia C.

Jr. Advisory Board Member
Brief info

Thalia attends Highland Oaks Middle School; this will be her third year as a JAB member and prior to that she was an elf. Thalia was the 2012-2013 Assistant Secretary and is the current secretary. She never misses a JHF distribution unless she is out of town. Thalia and Joshua became friends in Montessori school. When Joshua’s Heart Foundation was founded she enthusiastically offered to contribute her time and efforts. She was six years old when she participated in her first food distribution. Thalia always believes “Joshua shows us that you’re never too young to make a difference”. In addition to JHF, Thalia is passionate and involved with dancing, loves to read and spend time with her family. She was on her junior varsity soccer team in sixth grade and looks forward to playing again this year. She is also a member of the orchestra for her middle school.