Volunteering with Joshua and Joshua’s Heart Foundation (JHF) provides us a wonderful opportunity to meet, interact with and serve individuals and families in various communities who rely on the philanthropic services provided by JHF. The unique component that makes JHF special is Joshua himself. He inspires increased volunteering efforts from young people.

The loving and dedicated volunteers of Joshua’s Heart Foundation (JHF) provide much more than just food, clothes, toys and access to needed services. JHF provides opportunities for all of us to work together toward the Foundation’s mission of ending world hunger.

Gerald and Denise Lane

Not often do you find a charitable organization founded by a four-year old – which is why our family is fortunate and blessed to have been involved in Joshua’s Heart Foundation. We’ve always instilled in our children a responsibility to give back and Joshua’s Heart is the perfect platform for children to get involved and make a difference in their communities. Joshua serves as an inspiration to children and adults alike, that you are never too young to pursue your passion and make a difference in other people’s lives. Our son, Jordan, has been involved in JHF for three years now and is the current chair of the junior advisory board (JAB). Meeting Joshua has been very impactful and educational for Jordan.

The Wong Family

I am a social worker at one of the largest mental health agencies in Miami Dade County. I have been collaborating with Joshua’s Heart Foundation for the past three years. Joshua’s Heart has been generously providing food and personal items to our low-income patients. They have included our most needy families in their events making a huge difference in the lives of disadvantaged children. As a social worker and a resident of South Florida, I am truly grateful for Joshua, his vision and the efforts of everyone at Joshua’s Heart Foundation.

Johanna Patricia Rubio Beltran

Ever since I met Joshua and his mom in the seventh grade and participated in the first distribution, I knew I became a part of something very special. Joshua’s Heart Foundation, with the help of its volunteers, gives out food and nutritional information to those who wouldn’t without their help. Every time I participate in a distribution, attend a Junior Advisory Board meeting, or meet with members to plan out individual projects encouraged by Josh and his mom, I feel a sense of happiness that only comes from helping others.

Joshua’s Heart Foundation is a place where a volunteer gets more out of the experience than the people that we are helping. It’s one of the few foundations where kids are in charge of the decisions and oversee their outcome.

The Sosa Family

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