Thalia’s Project Assist

What is your project/chapter/club?

Project Assist – distributing hope totes with personal health and hygiene products and collecting clothing and accessories for Haiti.

Why did you choose to do this project? What inspired you?

Joshua’s Heart Foundation’s primary focus is on stomping out world hunger and it has concentrated on collecting and distributing food. Joshua’s focus and accomplishments made me realize I could do more than just support; I could and I’m adding value. With Project Assist I focused on the importance of personal hygiene. It is important to have a healthy mind, diet, and a healthy lifestyle. It’s one thing to be hungry but humans need to feel clean and healthy.

If you are fed but are not clean or clothed you may not feel proud or have adequate self-esteem. Distributing ‘hope totes’ bring hope. I felt this effort compliments the focus of JHF but in a different way.

Why do you care? / Why is it important to help others?

My personality wants to see other people happy and thriving, whether I know the person or not. I’m growing up extremely fortunate, with two parents, food and shelter, and it’s heartbreaking to witness other people; especially children who are not blessed with the same lifestyle. I like doing everything within my power to make people feel loved and self-worthy. We are all human beings, equally valued by God and no one deserves to feel underappreciated.

What is your current impact, volunteer hours, new volunteers recruited, money raised for JHF, money raised for your project, items donated etc.?

  • Current Impact
    • I hosted a drive at my school for Project Assist and distributed 200 hope totes to men at the Miami Rescue Mission. Due to everyone’s generosity, I had extra supplies that led to the making of extra hope totes I was able to deliver to homeless individuals on the streets of Miami. I am the treasurer of the 2017-18 Junior Advisory Board. I plan on working with the North Miami Beach Police Department to care for the homeless living on their streets in the near future. I also collect items such as, clothing and toys that are distributed in Haiti.
  • Volunteer Hours
    • Every year, the amount of volunteer hours I accumulate varies. By planning and putting together a drive at my school, as well as, putting together all the hope totes to prepare for the distribution, I was able to earn over 35 volunteer hours. For 2016 I accumulated 196 volunteer hours through Joshua’s Heart, volunteering at my prior school, supporting projects in Miami for Martin Luther King Day, the March of Dimes etc.
  • Volunteers Recruited
    • I’ve brought many friends to JHF distributions and they are now active and willing to volunteer their time when it comes to future JHF events.
  • Money raised project
    • I spread the word around school about my project and my classmates donated nonperishable snacks as well as, Many other family members and friends also made monetary donations.
  • Items donated
    • Philosophy skin care products,
    • Gently new and used articles of clothing
    • Toys
    • School Supplies
    • Non-perishable foods and snacks
    • Personal care items and hygiene products

Where or to whom have you donated items?

  • Haiti – clothes and toys
  • Miami Rescue Mission – hope totes (snacks & toiletries)
  • Less fortunate living on the streets of Miami – hope totes

What do you need?

My main focus is on personal hygiene and toiletries items such as toothbrushes, deodorant, razors, etc. I am also always collecting lightly used or new items of clothing, toys, or books to send to Haiti. Monetary donations are always accepted.

Anything else you would like to include?

I strongly encourage everyone, no matter their age, to get involve and give back to the community. Whether it’s something small such as buying a meal for someone on the streets or feeding an entire neighborhood, do what you can! You will not only brighten someone’s day, but you will feel a sense of warmth inside knowing you are doing the right thing. Giving back helped me grow as an individual and it makes me happy knowing I did something to better someone’s life.

Awards received?

  • 2016 Gold Presidential Service Award
  • 2017 Congressional Award for Service
  • 2017 Outstanding Youth Award Finalist United Way
  • Joshua’s Heart Going The Extra Mile Award 2015
  • Joshua’s Heart Super Heroes of Service Award 2016

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