Visiting Chennai, India – July 2019

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By Abhishek S.

The morning of July 15th, I was writing my speech to go to meet kids that I would never have thought would change my life. Joshua’s Heart really allowed me to spread the message of ending world hunger and poverty, giving me the opportunity to go visit the school. As I was taking the 1-hour drive to the center, called the Monfort Community Development Society school in Chennai, India, I was slowly reciting my speech and hoping to make the most out of the opportunity.

The center was located in a poverty-driven area of the city, where water and food were scarce, and these kids’ disabilities affecting their families to an even larger extent. As I walked into the center, I was nervous, but it all immediately changed as soon as I saw the smile on more than 30 kids faces, all of which were eager to hear someone talk who has come from the United States. I walked in and was immediately greeted by the teachers and the creators of the society, who wished to change the lives of these kids. We were asked to sit down and were presented with drawings created by the kids, amazing drawing that truly showcased their ability and potential regardless of their disabilities. After this, I gave them a speech, talking about how happy I was to be here and my goal coming from the United States and bringing it back to my hometown. After we were presented with the illustrations, I took part of a yoga session led by one of the kids, a truly relaxing and mind-opening experience. Following this, I danced and talked to all the kids individually for a couple of minutes, just learning about their likes and dislikes, in addition to what movies they liked and what songs they were interested in.

The school really allowed me to broaden my scope on life in India, as I was presented to the physiotherapy center that would allow the kids to recover from their disabilities, a truly great project that would allow these students to recover, and following this, we sponsored food for the day, giving all the kids a lunch comprising of chicken curry, rice, and vegetables, and left the center after a meaningful 4 hours, pledging to come back the next time we visit India in 2 years.


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