Welcome to My New Blog!

By: Amanda

Welcome, fellow Internet users of the world! My name is Amanda, I am 15 years old, and this is my new Broadway blog, a place where I will regularly share with the world my appreciation of the Arts!

Every month I will dedicate an entire post to a Broadway show that has stolen my heart (and that I’ve seen so many times, I could probably recite the entire show if I tried). It could be a popular name like Wicked or a little-known gem like The People Vs. Mona. I will tell you everything there is to know about that show (synopsis, playwright, time period, song list, original cast, composer lyricist, vocal ranges, etc.) and why I love it so much (which is probably going to take up more than half of the post to be honest). I want to share my knowledge and passion for musical theatre with anyone who will listen, and if there is just one person who finds my words both informative and entertaining, then my time will have been worth it. Woo hoo!

Now, I won’t just post one big long Broadway encyclopedia of a post and then disappear for the next 30 days. I am going to try (trytryTRY) to post every week with something new like a monologue, a song, some basic choreography, auditioning tips, Idina Menzel updates, a guide to theatre lingo, hilarious on stage moments, Natalie Weiss videos, story times with yours truly, tricks to get over a cold fast, and things of that nature. Also, there may be random posting if some earth-shattering Broadway excitement happens that just cannot wait (aaaaahhhhhh) or if there is something I just thought I would share with the Internet.

And finally, because this blog would probably not exist if it wasn’t for my friends at the Joshua’s Heart Foundation, an amazing organization that motivates kids to feed the hungry and give back to the community, I will post about them often. I want share both my passion of the Arts and my passion for helping others, so there will be plenty of community-service-and-just-helping-people-in-general posts scattered among pictures of playbills and links to instructional singing videos.

That’s it for my intro. I’m so happy to finally get started with this, and I hope you all enjoy reading! Adios (goodbye) for now!

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