Westport, CT Chapter

President – Asa Carey

Our group is the JHF Connecticut Chapter. We have a JAB as well as a club with a volunteer base running through Staples High School in Westport, CT.

When I lived in Miami as an elementary school-aged kid, I met Joshua and became involved with Joshua’s heart, and was part of the first JAB. I fell in love with it and wanted to continue helping the cause even after I moved away to Connecticut. So, I reached out to Josh and he supported me in creating a Connecticut chapter of the foundation.

Growing up in an area where there are many impoverished people nearby opened my eyes to see that there are many people not as fortunate as me, who may have grown up in or been put in situations where they don’t have access to
even the necessities. In order for society to grow and get better, it must get better for everyone. This means helping others who may not be able to support themselves.

We have about 25-30 volunteers who put in volunteer hours doing service at our local shelter, nearby food pantries, and other similar places as well as running food and clothing drives, and are beginning to start fundraising. Most of our
projects so far have been based on volunteer work and running drives in our community but we are beginning to start fundraising projects so that we can fund ourselves in new projects.

We have done an annual holiday drive to the Boys and Girls Village home for at- risk children, giving H.O.P.E. boxes as well as holiday foods and coats for the winter. We also often volunteer at the Gillespie Center shelter, serving food to those in need. We have also worked with Person-to- Person and helped to run a food pantry at Thanksgiving last year.

We are fine on our own and hope to grow throughout the next year. We aren’t in need of any funding from JHF.

We have a facebook group for the club and intend to start social media pages for the chapter this year.

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